Friday, May 29, 2009

when LaRok becomes LaRock

so when i first saw this vest at LaRok, i was dying with envy of the model wearing it. how beautiful, indeed, it was. and yes, it was another thing i couldn't touch. and another thing i couldn't afford to pay for! so months went by, still empty handed... until today, i walked into a little store near my house, and found a similar vest lying on a hanger [comes in white and black] with the same type of studded-ness design that i fell in love with. for a moment, i couldn't think of what it reminded me off until i tried it on, looked at myself, and shrieked with laughter, or giggles. haha.

so here ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you LaRock. [a bootleg yet affordable version of LaRok]


  1. liking your vest honey and it looks great with your shorts.
    have a happy weekend.
    muah x