Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Im so sorry that im falling

when i was young my mom would never let me out of the house without a dress on. yes, since i was born, she always bought me dresses, and of course, an apple to munch on. even during the eves of winter, i wore thick stockings to overpower the freezing temperatures, and during my days in elementary school, uniforms served as my mother's blessing. whenever spring time rolled around, my mother lightened up and allowed me to wear flowery dresses around to school.

i actually don't know why i discarded all of my dresses by the time junior high rolled around. maybe i was expecting... change? to be sexier in skin-tight bell-bottoms and hiphuggers [hah, i abhor these terms now] but i dont know, high school was not so tough without dresses. but now, i am 18 and i am craving dresses again. maybe it is my love for the 40s/50s when women wore dresses and skirts around and went around to ice cream parlors. but i don't know, i have no actual clue why i prefer pouncing around in skirts and dresses all day rather than pants.

maybe now i am expecting... more confidence?


  1. Great story, your mother sounds like an amazing woman. When I wear dresses it makes me act differently, more feminine, lighter, usually happier. It's weird. Oh & love the blog =)

  2. That is such a lovely dress xoxoxox