Wednesday, May 20, 2009


stunner earrings.

taking a day off from school.

~you know what i love about a plain white t and black shorts, the casualness. it doesn't look much but it is the most comfortable outfit to wear... everywhere.~
anyhow, i went to the shoe store to buy a pair of sandals for the summer. for a moment, i had three boxes with three different pairs that i couldn't even decide. i wanted to take them all home, dump them on my shoe rack, and wear them until the summer sun finally sets in september. but i thought about it, and how much money was actually in my wallet, and realized that i didn't need to be so materialistic. it is so junior high-- yes, that's right-- i said "that's so junior high" to be caught up in buying everything in the damn store just so that you may pull off one or two outfits with your expenditure. this all brings me back. when i was 12/13, i went through the mix of the awkward teenage girl and the bad ass from down the block. evidently, i would always sneak out of the house, steal money, get arrested, and get caught up in many bitch fights [verbal + physical] as I wanted before i woke up to the early days of high school. by then, my parents had washed me and prepared me to live life better, cleaner, and with some dignity and class.

but the thing i remember most about my junior high school days were the times when i felt the loneliest aka the times when i was banned from shopping and buying anything. i became so materialistic that even buying a simple tube of chapstick made me happy [as long as i was buying something, i was satisfied with who i was] so for a second, at the shoe store, i thought i had become that 12/13 year old monster again, living under the confinement of shopaholism! so i quickly did an 'eenie meenie miine moe' test, and took the pair that my finger had finally pointed to.

so here we go, the black sandals that i chose to wear all summer long. who needs more than one pair when they are dancing in the streets all day under the sun? [okay that was a seriously bad question] but yes, i had overcome being so materialistic once again.

sandals: Montego Bay Club
t shirt: hanes for men
high waisted black shorts: h&M

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