Friday, May 29, 2009

when LaRok becomes LaRock

so when i first saw this vest at LaRok, i was dying with envy of the model wearing it. how beautiful, indeed, it was. and yes, it was another thing i couldn't touch. and another thing i couldn't afford to pay for! so months went by, still empty handed... until today, i walked into a little store near my house, and found a similar vest lying on a hanger [comes in white and black] with the same type of studded-ness design that i fell in love with. for a moment, i couldn't think of what it reminded me off until i tried it on, looked at myself, and shrieked with laughter, or giggles. haha.

so here ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you LaRock. [a bootleg yet affordable version of LaRok]

Friday, May 22, 2009

coco rocha

over the years, a lot of pictures have motivated me to correct my style. yes, "correct" the foolishness of wearing random clothes and instead, replacing it with a new found sense of creativity with the randomness.

in other words, wear whatever coco rocha wears cause she is absolutely flawless -- all the time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


stunner earrings.

taking a day off from school.

~you know what i love about a plain white t and black shorts, the casualness. it doesn't look much but it is the most comfortable outfit to wear... everywhere.~
anyhow, i went to the shoe store to buy a pair of sandals for the summer. for a moment, i had three boxes with three different pairs that i couldn't even decide. i wanted to take them all home, dump them on my shoe rack, and wear them until the summer sun finally sets in september. but i thought about it, and how much money was actually in my wallet, and realized that i didn't need to be so materialistic. it is so junior high-- yes, that's right-- i said "that's so junior high" to be caught up in buying everything in the damn store just so that you may pull off one or two outfits with your expenditure. this all brings me back. when i was 12/13, i went through the mix of the awkward teenage girl and the bad ass from down the block. evidently, i would always sneak out of the house, steal money, get arrested, and get caught up in many bitch fights [verbal + physical] as I wanted before i woke up to the early days of high school. by then, my parents had washed me and prepared me to live life better, cleaner, and with some dignity and class.

but the thing i remember most about my junior high school days were the times when i felt the loneliest aka the times when i was banned from shopping and buying anything. i became so materialistic that even buying a simple tube of chapstick made me happy [as long as i was buying something, i was satisfied with who i was] so for a second, at the shoe store, i thought i had become that 12/13 year old monster again, living under the confinement of shopaholism! so i quickly did an 'eenie meenie miine moe' test, and took the pair that my finger had finally pointed to.

so here we go, the black sandals that i chose to wear all summer long. who needs more than one pair when they are dancing in the streets all day under the sun? [okay that was a seriously bad question] but yes, i had overcome being so materialistic once again.

sandals: Montego Bay Club
t shirt: hanes for men
high waisted black shorts: h&M

proust questionaire

what is your idea of happiness?
having a family in the future, a good husband, obedient kids, and having sunday off for family time

what is your greatest fear?
height-- i never been to six flags

what is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
my insecurity

what is the trait you most deplore in others?

which living person do you most admire?
nicole kidman and coco rocha

what is your greatest extravagance?
running around the city, trying to find port authority, and getting lost as random musicians played on throughout the tunnels of times square and grand central

what is your current state of mind?
meditation, resting, calm

what do you consider the most overrated virtue?

which living person do you most despise?
George W. Bush

what is the quality you most like in a man?
the superhero quality

what is the quality you most like in a woman?
their ears

which talent would you most like to have?
i wished i could ice skate

what or who is the greatest love of your life?
this dancer in one of my high school's dance coup

when and where were you happiest?
sitting on a park bench with my parents and watching the ducks swim by on the pond

what is your most marked characteristic?
smiling with my mouth wide open

what do you consider your greatest achievement?
winning 2nd place in a science fair for a project i did in less than an hour

who are your favorite writers?
ian mcewan, gigi levangie, dr. seuss

who is your favorite hero of fiction?
the pink ranger from power rangers

what is your greatest regret?
not working hard enough in high school

how would you like to die?
"as center of attention" - edie from desperate housewives

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Im so sorry that im falling

when i was young my mom would never let me out of the house without a dress on. yes, since i was born, she always bought me dresses, and of course, an apple to munch on. even during the eves of winter, i wore thick stockings to overpower the freezing temperatures, and during my days in elementary school, uniforms served as my mother's blessing. whenever spring time rolled around, my mother lightened up and allowed me to wear flowery dresses around to school.

i actually don't know why i discarded all of my dresses by the time junior high rolled around. maybe i was expecting... change? to be sexier in skin-tight bell-bottoms and hiphuggers [hah, i abhor these terms now] but i dont know, high school was not so tough without dresses. but now, i am 18 and i am craving dresses again. maybe it is my love for the 40s/50s when women wore dresses and skirts around and went around to ice cream parlors. but i don't know, i have no actual clue why i prefer pouncing around in skirts and dresses all day rather than pants.

maybe now i am expecting... more confidence?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

working girl

after a horrible day at work [ pissy, condescending customers ] along with getting my phone and $20 stolen by a co-worker, i wasn't in the mood to be happy. instead, i took a thorough nap due to my raging hormones [ i hate pmsing ] and then woke up to take some quick pictures.
and of course, rushing to get out of the house this morning, i always found a non matching pair of socks to wear!

talk to you soon blog.

anyhow, i always have these lists of things i need to own

all the way on the top is of course a chanel handbag. [may the lord please me with one]
however while it is at the "unreachable portion" of my wishlist, i still declare somethings that i would really love to own:

  1. a floral skirt / dress
  2. a pair of dr. martens
  3. a pair of white oxfords
  4. a black pair of mary janes
  5. a pair of uggs [ sorry, boston can get rly cold in the winter ]
  6. a matthew williamson belt

to be continued

Saturday, May 16, 2009

birthday girl

happy birthday to me.. happy birthday to me..
sorry, i am awfully giddy about today because today is the day i am turning 18!
yes, no, maybe so? i have no idea
but i am loving the start of a new age!
so what i decided to wear today was a little shirt that i think has such a romantic ruffle to it. it reminded me of half a wedding dress due to the lace ruffles and pearl color. [yes i bought this shirt as a gift to myself]
like, i never believe in buying gifts for people. not because i am selfish but because i don't feel like i should be obligated to get people stuff. so this year, i stored away my accounts and tried my best to make homemade cards or even stall or dodge the "birthday dates" on my calendar. evidently, i received nothing on my birthday from any of my friends due to my "unobliging" to their bdays. but at least i didn't have to pounce around and remind all my friends that my birthday was today and how they should be getting ready with something nice in a gift box or gift bag waiting for me at 12:00 AM May 16th. however, i do secretly wished that they got me something just because they wanted to, not because i bought them a gift before and my own birthday gift was a trade off. it just makes me uncomfortable to be in such a situation.

but when i got home, i was pleasantly surprised. my parents had already planned out a whole dinner party with just the family. very sentimental. very sweet. it just reminded me the meaning of a birthday. it is celebration of your youth and age with the people that helped cultivate you into the person you are today.

and you know what was even more memorable? that nothing in the room was full with obligation.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

this is a story of a school girl

once upon a time...
i always thought that school girl outfits were chic
but it may be the fact that i constantly wore them half my life
or i just became really inspired by how Princess Diana [may she RIP] wore it when she was young

the latter is probably the reason why.


so this morning, i woke up and tried to "channel" that whole --i am going to school-- look
step 1:






somehow i look a bit far fetched.
i think i looked more like a sgt. than a school girl today! yikes!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my first time with vogue

i know it is a bit awkward having not ever read Vogue in my life and loving fashion. it is practically a contradiction of my belief in the fashion industry. but to be fair, i always thought Vogue was a little bit too much for me, as in, i am too young and too immature to fully appreciate what it has. so, in place of it, i would always go for teen Vogue. but today, i picked up a copy and sat on the train reading it. after a four hour exam, it surprisingly picked my day up as i became ferociously obsessed with the work -- the photography and the articles are so fascinating. amazing. eloquent. very different from teen vogue -- but now i can't wait for the june issue! please excuse my stupidity if the june issue has already been released :-(


Saturday, May 9, 2009

hidden art gallery

on my way to my orthodontist office, i quickly walked into an opening elevator, crowded with people, and guided my hand to the various buttons. however, my fingers slipped onto the number 4. as i shifted my fingers to number 5, i waited as the elevator started to slowly head toward the wrong floor. but as the doors opened, i caught a glimpse of a beginning of a tunnel. shockingly looking out of the door, i controlled my excitement as i wanted to step outside so badly to check it out.

today, i went back to the fourth floor. and i found this hidden art gallery

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

graffiti used to be art
until it became vandalism

Monday, May 4, 2009

sony alpha slr a200

sony alpha slr
i got it today
and spent several hours playing around with it
though the weather was too rainy to put it to full use
so i took random pictures around my house.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Dresses

it's spring time in new york city. and it is time to toss out the flip flops, gladiator sandals, and walk on the cold cement streets of Soho in the lightening sun. [ironically, there hasn't been a lot of sun in nyc due to greenhouse gases! :( help save the environment!] but as i was on the search for some great spring dresses, i came across some that i find to be very light and sun-friendly.

Photo Credits: YesStyle

the canon express

i love photography. actually, digital media has been my forte but every time i am behind a pair of camera lenses, i feel like i can finally see the beauty in the simplest things of life. so my heart has always been set upon getting a digital SLR but my wallet disagreed. however, i have been saving up so much. yet i still wonder, is this a good camera to get? any feedback?

Ava Nore

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